Saturday, September 23, 2006

Pimp Shay's Camel

Last weekend Shay organised a desert camping trip for about 160 of us DAGOC expats! It was unreal! We all met straight after work and 32 4WD's headed in a line out into the Desert of Qatar to the Inland Sea. Once we hit the big dunes our tour guides let the tires down for "dune bashing" which was so much fun. When we arrived at the campsite it as getting dark. They had set up 7 big open tents in a semi circle with a large dancefloor in the middle with tables and chairs. A great set-up for a party. We could hire Quad bikes, go swimming and surfing down dunes. Only we could complain about was the weather, there was no escaping the heat, even the water was hot! We headed off around 9am the next day back to Doha to watch the AFL! Another great weekend...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Diggity Dog Grammer School Disco

To help celebrate our good friend Michael aka Big Dog's 25th Birthday we decided to organise a School Disco! Thanks to a comittee (QOCBOC) of 13 we pulled off an awesome night at Nan's villa. Everyone got involved, Cheerleaders, a Head Master, PE Teachers and Students with lots of boys coming as girls and a disciplanary teacher (Jude) who came with a paddle to spank any naughty students! Hats off to Mags who got the paddle on more than a few occasions! I was Head of Creative which was Lighting and Music. Found some awesome flashing disco lights and loaded my ipod with some of the best 80's music which had everyone dancing til the wee hours of the morning! Great night, lots of great photos too!

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Not really much to report about Bahrain, the locals are very friendly and more welcoming to Westerners and they don't drive like the crazy Qatari's! Spent most of the weekend going to restaurants and bars, sitting by the pool or chilling in the hotel. The first night we ventured down to the Hotel bar called Wranglers. It was full of wanabe ganster American Marines in baseball shirts and bling - very interesting! It took us a few drinks to get into it but it turned out to be a great night! I thought I had scored 500 Riyals ($170AUS) too much change so bought everyone drinks only to find out it was 50 Saudi ($17AUS) the next day when i tried to use it! Anyway it was worth the laughs and I'll never be able to go to Saudi Arbia as a single white female so its something to keep I guess! Spent the whole of Friday at Ric's Country Kitchen All you can eat and drink brunch which was hilarious! The place looked like something out of the 70's and had a filipino guy with a mullet singing country and western music. Jess won the major prize for the raffle - brunch for 2 which she gave away to some American Marine (they're everywhere!). Friday night we met up with some friends at Bambu, again an all you can eat and drink restaurant. It was a gorgeous restaurant with great food and wine, after the day we already had it was a bit of a struggle. Great night though, we all made speeches and sang songs - lots of fun before we headed out to BJ's where it was again full of American Marines and girls drink for free! Didn't last very long there but had a great time. It was good to get out of Doha one last time before the imprisonment begins! Not looking forward to working 6 day weeks for the next 4 months!