Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Melbourne Music Fests...

Possibly my best favourite thing about Summer in Oz would have to be Music Festivals. After a couple of weeks back I headed to Kiss My Grass at Sydney Myer Music Bowl, all aussie djs and a great chance to catch up with my old mate Kate for a boogie! Having the freedom to drink, wear whatever I wanted (short shorts!) and hug my friends in public was just a few things that made me appreciate what a great country we live in! Have managed to squeeze Good Vibes and Snow Patrol into my busy schedule too, not much else planned now until Sydney!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Something New for 2007

Returned to Melbourne mid Jan and spent the first couple of weeks catching up with friends and looking for jobs! Had heard there was jobs going up in Sydney with the APEC Taskforce so applied and was lucky enough to land a job no problem! Will be moving up in a couple of weeks so very excited! Looking forward to being close to some old London mates and living in a new city! Will be working with APEC until September and if I enjoy Sydney I may decide to settle in OZ for a while but who knows! Very excited!


Finished off 2006 in Egypt, spending only 8 days there. Spent the first few days in Luxor where we spent most our time walking through the city and souks being hassled by the locals. The going rate it seems a western girl can be traded for was around 10 chickens! Our Hotel, the Nefertiti had a great feel to it and we were right in the middle of everything! Our first full day started at the crack of dawn with a hot airballoon ride (unreal!) and then a tour of the Valley of the Queens and followed by the Valley of the Kings. None of us really wanted to leave Luxor but we couldn't miss the Pyramids. We headed up to Cario on New Years Eve and drove around for a good couple of hours looking for a bar or niteclub to celebrate. Eventually we ended up at the Hard Rock Cafe, negotiated our way in and had a great night. We were definately the only ones drinking though! We took a trip to Giza and road camels out into the Desert for some amazing views of the Pyramids. Never thought I would have been seeing them in the freezing cold though! Inside was a little disappointing, very tiny corridors with way too many people only to get to the end and find a big empty room with Italian graffitied on the walls! Amazing experience though. Headed back to Luxor for our last couple of days and enjoyed a relaxing cruise on the Nile to finish our trip.