Sunday, July 30, 2006

More Images of Doha

There is never anything to do on a Friday here as nothing opens until 4pm so I decided I would take the car for a cruise down the Corniche and take some photos. Our air conditioning in the car is CRAP & takes forever to get cold, especially when the car is left in the sun for a few hours. Anyway it was not the best idea i've ever had!! Cath and Nanine came for the drive which i think they regretted as it was about 50 degrees in the car. We had to wind down the windows to get a cool breeze - a 35 degree breeze!! We took a few great shots before we could take the heat no more!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Images of Doha

Drive through ATM’s!! No need to get out of the car! Interesting street signs...

Other interesting things in Qatar. Whitening Cream & "Lady a Vergin" Cream... WHAT THE???

Sunday, July 23, 2006

On the road again...

Last week was an interesting week. Jess & I embarked on getting our Qatari drivers license, you wouldn’t realize you needed one in this country if you saw how they drive!! I got mine no problem but poor Jess had to go to driving school to take a test because her aussie license had expired. After a few days of waiting in the sun, printers not working & computer systems being down she finally got her license and we picked up our new car on Wednesday!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Golfing in Doha!

Started having Golf Lessons every Thursday night. We’ve got our second lesson tonight. Doha Golf Club is a beautiful course, I think there has to be more grass there than anywhere else in Qatar!! Looking forward to playing night golf, 9 holes with 3 on course Bars! Have to stop smashing big chunks of grass and actually hit the ball first though! To get into the spirit of Golf we’ve bought matching visors & polo shirts! Unreal!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Viva Italia!

The final of the World Cup saw us all head to Garveys for another night of carnage. The place was jam packed inside & out with hundreds of French & Italian Supporters. I was cheering for Italy until France scored then when Italy reciprocated I was back on the Italia bandwagon.. VIVA ITALIA!!

Several Vodkas later, I thought it would be funny to reinact Zidane and started a frenzy of head butting chests, Jess head butting Andy, Andy head butting Me, Andy head butting Jess, Andy head butting other Andy, Jess head butting Me... There were a few sore heads yesterday!!

Middle Easts Finest Dancers

Thursday night all the girls headed out to Palomo again, a Mexican bar full of men. Great music & a big place for Qatar but way too many guys with gold chains & greasy hair. Spent most of the night at the front of the dance floor with some of the funniest dancers I’ve ever come across, would have been fierce competition for those of you who were amongst the Red Back Sunday dance-offs!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Jess & Marys Lamb Curry

Last night we embarked on yet another cooking adventure. This time we turned to Jamie Oliver for some inspiration. His not-so-easy mate Peters Lamb Curry recipe caused a bit of confusion but with a little improvisation from us & with the help of Weena's special salad dressing, everyone licked there fingers & plates clean! Thanks to Alex & Russ for supplying the wine, Cath & Kim for the extra furniture and Weena & Fran for the special sauce & recipe support!

Monday, July 03, 2006

My beautiful new room..

After a few weeks of sleeping on a rug & pillow I now have sheets on my beautiful new big bed! Having all the girls around tonight for Jess & Mary's Lamb Curry & the boys around on Wednesday night. Its great to be back living with Jess again...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Mexican Carnage!

Friday was a late start by Jess & I. We decided shopping was the only answer! Cant get over how ridiculously cheap everything is here. Brand's are so cheap and apparently its so much better in Dubai! Hoping to head over as soon as I get my passport back! YAY!

Our noice neighbours Cath & Kim had us round for dinner before heading off to the Villa party. Some guys from my starter group did well in finding a gorgeous Villa and not company housing like the rest of us lazy people. The perfect party house! Cath brought Singstar with her and up until Jess informed me "I was embarrassing her", I thought I was the next Kylie Minogue! Too many vodkas... Easily the best weekend so far, we finished off with our regular Saturday morning Eggs Benedict with the guys at The One at Landmark followed by 4 hours shopping and then watching England lose to Portugal. Unlucky!

I cant wait for the weekend to begin...


The weekend began by relaxing on big cushions & mats on our new roof whilst sipping coronas & vodka pineapples with a few of our neighbours. Apart from the heat it was a great way to start off the evening. Edwina & Fran managed to talk Jess & I, which really wasnt hard, into heading out to Palamo at the Inter Con.


Being 4 of what seemed to be only 20 other girls in the place made for an interesting night. More of a meat market than Twister nightclub, I ended the night with a fan of business cards to choose from... No thankyou...

Happy Birthday Fran, Luke & Adz

We took a night off the football to celebrate the gorgeous Fran Lusack's Birthday on Tuesday. It was also my older brother Luke and best mate Adz birthday too so a big Happy Birthday to them both!!! The very popular Fran had a big turn out for great food & good company..