Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Melbourne Music Fests...

Possibly my best favourite thing about Summer in Oz would have to be Music Festivals. After a couple of weeks back I headed to Kiss My Grass at Sydney Myer Music Bowl, all aussie djs and a great chance to catch up with my old mate Kate for a boogie! Having the freedom to drink, wear whatever I wanted (short shorts!) and hug my friends in public was just a few things that made me appreciate what a great country we live in! Have managed to squeeze Good Vibes and Snow Patrol into my busy schedule too, not much else planned now until Sydney!


Anonymous said...

Merza, its Lina! Heard your in town!!! Buz me- 0410 445 929. Mwa!

Anonymous said...

Ciao Mary!

How are you?
It seems you're having fun!!!

I don't even know how did I find your blog ...but it's funny!

Kisses from Italy,
Stefano (DAGOC ACR)

Say Hi to all australian guys I know!

...if you remember me and wants to reply, this is my e-mail address:

Anonymous said...

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