Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Last Sunday was the end of Ramadan. A month of drinking our coffees in a small little kitchen with many others, eating lunch in crowded room upstairs with smokers hanging out of windows. Drinking, Eating, Smoking or anything else was forbidden from entering the mouth or body of Muslims from Sunrise until Sunset. It was all a bit daunting for us all but it went by suprisingly fast for me. We could start later and finish earlier each day at work and to celebrate the end of it all - a national paid-holiday for a week! None of us expected to get it off but they did which was great so we all got the hell out of here!!

Andy, Andy and I decided to escape to greener pastures- Sri Lanka! Its so cheap to fly there from here probably due to the large majority of the workers here that are SriLankan (Earning pennies for hard labour but thats for another story!!!). We flew out late on the Monday night, staying only for 3 nights. The first day we attempted to walk around the city of Colombo in the early afternoon but had to retreat to the hotel after getting so drenched I was having trouble lifts my legs because my jeans were so heavy! Plus the fact that i had huge streaks of black mascara running from my eyes all the way down my neck! We jumped in our first TokTok a 3 wheller open door taxi and headed back to the hotel for the afternoon! This was about all of Colombo we ended up seeing.

We decided to head into Kandy, a 4 hours drive inland to see the Elephants in Pinnawalla and the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy itself. The drive was a little long, we took one main road into Kandy. The road was lined with shops practically the whole way there! A very interesting drive, we stopped at one point along the road to have pictures taken with a lady whos "job"it was to tie porky pines up in chains and poke them with sticks. We nonetheless had our pictures taken and paid her for her services! Very prickly little things!

The Elephant Orphanage at Pinnawala was amazing. We were able to walk freely with the Elephants and have pictures taken(for a price of course). One little fella was only 2 weeks old! We stopped for a Sri Lanka beer before heading into the centre of Kandy for the night.

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