Monday, October 09, 2006


A group of us decided to head away for the weekend to Sealine. A beautiful resort down the coast of Qatar. We only get one day off so we try to make the most of it! Alex & Kim organized 3 villas for 20 of us and straight from work we headed down. I think we were all surprised to see how amazing the villas were when we got there. Each had dividing concrete walls that ran almost all the way down to the beach, 3 large rooms a dinning area, kitchen area, 3 bathrooms!! Very plush! We had a BBQ and relaxed on our private beach with a few drinks, dancing and good times! It was quite a surreal setting with huge sand dunes in the distance and camels walking along the beach!! Spent Friday by the pool in the resort before heading back to Doha to relax on our Roof. We all had a fantastic time and will probably head back again after the Games!

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