Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Games of our Lives

Going out during the Games was nothing like in Melbourne. There was no official niteclub, no parties and no alcohol at venues. The atmosphere was a little duller than would be found at any event in Melbourbourne. At the Diving the only cheers that could be heard were from the Athlete stands! Some sports provided some crowd entertainment. At the Handball Final between Iraq and Qatar a VIP guest from Iraq gave a fellow VIP guest from Qatar the finger. What followed you could never imagine would be done anywhere else in the world! The Iraqi Gentleman was then escorted into the walkway, and The Ministry of Interior for the Government of Qatar proceeded to bash the living hell out of him!! In front of the entire stadium! That sort of behaviour would not be tolerated in Qatar!! Iraq was winning and went on the take the Gold, poor losers!

Anyway as it got closer to the end of the Games we hit Rydges most nights, a Hotel with an Aussie Bar! It was full mostly with DAGOC staff, some Media and a few lucky Athletes that heard about the place!

It was a great experience to watch Sports I'd never heard of before like Kabaddi and Sepaktakraw and also to watch the Fencing, Beach Volleyball and Diving. The Emir even showed face at the Sepaktakraw final, just a casual appearance.

Watched the Closing on TV at Garveys and then headed out to the Doha Rubgy Club for a big thank-god-its-over night with friends! Haven't had to work since the last day of the Games so its been great. Leaving for Egypt in a couple of days, back here for a week and then finishing up on the 15th Jan. Will head to Oman and then Thailand before reaching AUS! Can't wait!

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