Monday, December 11, 2006

Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi...

It's been a great games so far, although a far cry from the "Games of Your Life" - the official games slogan! I've been able to see the Beach Volleyball, Fencing and my favourite Kabaddi! It was a mad rush to get in and get seats as it's been one of the most popular sports here. Me & Andy sat with the underdogs Pakistan and were warmly welcomed with plastic Pakistani flags! It was a little hard to know what was going on at first, I still don't really understand the games. Something along the lines of tagging and pouncing on the oposition like a game of "Stacks-On"! Anyway it was hilarious to watch. The Indians won for the 5th Asian Games in a row, they were by far the better team.

It was my first time at Sport City, a massive sporting presinct with 2 massive venues and the huge torch, a Hotel they had hoped would be ready in time for the Games. It's probably the best thing going for Qatar although lacking the atmosphere alcohol and live music would bring!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mary, I have taped highlights of the Games on SBS which include the Indian Pakistan Match - very weird! I will have another look to see if I can see you in the crowd.